Monday, April 1, 2013

Zapatas Border Cafe Port St Lucie, FL

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I have been going to Zapata's for a very long time. They use to be further south on US 1 in an old blue house. It was delicious and reasonable and not too far from home. One day they were gone and I was so disappointed. Finally someone told me they moved to the Publix shopping center on the border of PSL and Fort Pierce.  Was glad to know they were still around.
In the Enjoyment Book there was a coupon for them so I told Ed all about it how good they were and we decided to combine lunch at Zapata's with a visit to Heathecote Botanical Gardens in Ft Pierce.
They have two areas to seat people one a closed in porch area where we ate and another area inside the restaurant.
The food was good. The salsa and chips were REALLY good. The waitress was nice enough to bring three bowls of salsa. It tasted fresh and homemade.

Our coupon was for up to $14 and we had to order a beverage with the meal. They had a large selection that seemed pricey for our budget.  But then again, living on SS, everything seems pricey. LOL   (click here to see the Menu)

We ordered the:

Fiesta del Rey Grilled chicken with shrimp, tomatoes, fire roasted onions and bell peppers, served burrito or chimichanga style. Topped with sour cream, guacamole and pico de gallo.  It was one of the few dishes that had sour cream AND quacamole. We both had Ice Tea with the meal.
The food and plate was very hot and the refried beans and rice were very good. My  Fiesta del Rey had 8 large shrimp in my burrito. Ed was disappointed, he only had four shrimp total in his burrito. We compared it to a fish taco dish we had at another restaurant which for the same price as this was exceptional. Ed and I both agreed they should bottle their salsa!!! We could have eaten that for a whole meal.

I found out the original restuarant was sold about six years ago and new owners have owned it since then, and they kept the name.

We were glad we tried Zapata's, without the coupon, not sure if we would have eaten there since most items are ten dollars and higher.  For us it would not be worth driving the distance from Stuart area to eat there, due to the cost of gas.
Overall the food was good, our waitress was great, and we had a nice experience.

If your up that way and have the Enjoyment Book Zapata's is a nice place to stop.
Without a coupon, and on a budget,  you might want to find something less expensive.
Quick note: If you like BOTH guacamole and sour cream with your Mexican food be prepared to pay extra for one of them since only a few dishes include both.

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