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Tutto Italiano

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6185 SE US Highway 1 . Stuart, FL phone number is 772-286-9500
When you step inside Tutto Italiano it reminds you of a small Italian Bistro in NYC. the setting is welcoming and a perfect for a romantic dinner, a quiet time out form the stresses of the world or a special occasion. The seating is limited there are about 4 booths on each side adjacent to the brick walls. The windows are curtained, lights soft, and then near the booths are 3-4  tables with 4 chars at each. The booths and tables on either side are separated by a walk area where people come in to pick up their orders at the counter area. 
The sun was setting so it was a bit bright for a short time
Bar and counter area for pick-up decorated for Halloween

They bring three large hot garlic knots on a plate with olive oil, fresh chopped garlic and some Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top of the knots. I took a photo of the plate, but the garlic knots were eaten before I remembered to take a photo. The choice was obvious hot garlic knots, with olive oil dripping, rubbed in the garlic on the plate, warm and soft in your mouth OR take a photo? Sorry garlic knots won. 
Garlic Knots took priority over photo of them, sorry!

There is a wide variety of items on the menu, my dining partner agreed all reasonably priced. They have Appetizers, Subs and Wraps, Entrees, Sides, Pizza (who one woman said was "the best" she liked the thin crust style pizza), Calzone, Stromboli, Salads, Desserts and Drinks, including beer, wine  and soda.
They also offer lunch specials from 11 am to 4 pm starting at $5.99 for any sub or wrap on the menu list, with chips and a can of soda, or 2 slices and a soda for $3.49 or a cheese only Calzone or Stromboli with a soda for $6.99.

I ordered Eggplant Rollatini at $13.95
Eggplant Rollatini

and my friend ordered Chicken Parmesan for $13.95.
Chicken Parmesean

I choose the wide pasta which tasted home made and my friend the angel hair pasta. You could get a side salad very reasonably to go with it.  Our waiter was warm, friendly and accommodating regarding our requests.
If you are in a hurry this is not the place to go unless you are ordering take-out. Everything is freshly prepared. The music softly playing makes you feel like you are in Italy or want to leave on the next flight. This is a place for a leisurely dining experience.The food was delicious, the pasta yummy and the sauce PERFECTO!  Not too spicy or too sweet, really perfect in my opinion. I give this place five stars!
My friend who joined me was Italian and said the name Tutto meant "everything" then added everything good fits this place. 
They do have a pizza special on M/T/W  pickup and delivery only. $7.99 for an 18:x-large cheese pizza.
I live about ten miles from them, but now that I have discovered them I will be making the trip to pick up a pizza and if the pizza is as good as my meal, it will be well worth the drive there.
Please always remember to tip on the amount it would have been without the coupon. We left $6.00 for a $30 tab that after using the coupon came to $15 for both of us. 
What a great deal and they now have new customers.  Best part, cant wait to heat up my left overs!!! YUM!!!!
Bon ap·pé·tit

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