Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Panama Hatties

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Panama Hatttie's was a place I had been to many years ago and I remember the food as yummy and the atmosphere lovely. It sits just to the left of PGA Blvd heading west and right on the waterway. It has slips and docks for boaters wanting to tie up and come in for a bite to eat.
Our waitress was a sweetheart, pleasant, funny and accommodating. She made the lunch a pleasant experience.

She advised us the fish was fresh and being cut in the kitchen as we spoke. So we decided to splurge and go for the grouper platter.  They brought delicious hot rolls with honey butter, they were very good and they held us over till lunch was served. It was tough not asking for more!

Our Grouper Special included rice, which was very good, string beans which were tough and possibly under or over cooked. We ordered the blackened grouper but the fish tasted more lightly grilled then blackened. Ed is a fisherman and he didnt think it tasted like grouper. He was not impressed with what was suppose to be "fresh fish" It was a generous portion and I thought it tasted good, but didnt get overly excited about the dish, I have had better. It seemed a bit dry. You had a choice of a tomato salsa or lemon butter sauce.
The Grouper Special was $14.95 and with the book it cost us $8 each with a $3 each tip. We always tip on the amount it would have been without the coupon. I was wishing I had went with my first thought and ordered The Seafood Cobb Salad at $12.95.

However to Panama Hatties favor, while wandering around taking photos. I found a delightful man made beach area next to the thatched roof bar. There with chairs, tables and umbrellas on sand. I imagined the younger crowd must really enjoy this area. I could picture myself sitting there in my 20's sipping a Margarita to Jimmy Buffets Margaritaville. Did they have them back then? :-)

Those days are long behind me and a glass of regular ole' Ice Tea hits the spot these days.

I guess I was disapointed because of the old memories. It is not a place I would go again without a coupon. Once again a bit too pricey for a fixed income budget.

I must sheepishly admit I did keep looking over at the Waterway Cafe (one of my favorite places) on the other side of the water and wishing the book had a coupon for them. when I go there it seems to have a much brighter feel.

A Note About the Menu: Use the link below it's up to date. I found outdated menus on other sites. click on menu when site opens

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