Thursday, February 14, 2013

Riverside Cafe-Vero Beach

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We live in Stuart Florida and decided to take a wildlife tour at the Pelican Island Refuge at the North End of Vero Beach.  What a wonderful tour and even though it wasnt in the enjoyment book we will post something about our tour under the photo adventures tab on our blog.
Since we were in Vero and the Enjoyment Book has a few restaurants in that area we decided on the Riverside Cafe for lunch.There is a dinner and lunch coupon in the book.
A pretty little restaurant, with a very inviting front entrance .
The welcoming Alligator maitre d  a cute touch
We were asked if we wanted outside or inside and we chose outside since it was a beautiful Florida day with warm temperatures and nice breezes.
The waitress very sweet and friendly asked what beverage we wanted, and mentioned the specials. One was a Lobster Taco, the other a Grouper Reuben Sandwich. We talked about the other menu items and the few she suggested were fried foods. I mentioned I didnt eat fried foods. She left us to look over the menu, when she came back she said the onion straws were really good. I mentioned again I wont eat fried foods.
We forgot to take a photo when it first arrived (fried lobster threw us off)  so this is half of Ed's sandwich and half of mine. I had already eaten some of the braised cabbage.
The Lobster Taco at $17.99 sounded wonderful and Ed thought the Grouper Sandwich at $18.99 was good too. We had a choice of one side Ed chose the potato salad, which was very good. I chose the German Style Braised Cabbage also very tasty. The other side choices were French Fries or Coleslaw. with Rice & Beans and Onion Straw sides a dollar extra.
It was Feb 13th and this was our Valentines Day Treat to ourselves, so we decided to splurge a bit.
Figuring our meal would cost us about $10 each plus tip. Of course we always tip on what the total meal would have cost us without our coupon unless service is poor.
My taste buds were excited about Lobster! When our meal finally arrived, both the grouper and Lobster were heavily breaded and deep fried. As the food runner placed my plate down I said "It's FRIED."  I thought, who deep fries Lobster???!!!!   I had mentioned to the waitress at least three times, I didn't eat fried foods.
He took it back and said he could give me the grouper sandwich grilled or blackened. Our waitress did come and apologize. I was a waitress years ago and always tried to find out what my customers liked and didn't like so I could help them make a good choice. But other people aren't me. :-)
Salads, burgers, and wraps were also on the menu items start at $9.99 .The had a prime beef Monster Burger on the menu for $17.99 other burgers started at $11.99. Wishing now I tried one of those.
The menu is on their website
The bottom line was we were not impressed with the Grouper Ruben and felt it and other menu items was overpriced, certainly not worth $18.99 for the sandwich with one side. I guess they are charging you for the location and also what the high end community in Vero are willing to pay.
For our senior budget this was too high, even with our coupon. I couldn't help but think of the Blue Water Beach Grill. I thought the prices were a "bit" high but the food was delicious.  Well worth the price. You don't mind paying a bit extra for quality! My taste buds and wallet can't say the same for Riverside Cafe.

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