Thursday, January 31, 2013

3 Brothers Brunch, Hobe Sound, FL

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 Our outing this week for lunch took us to 3 Brothers Brunch in Hobe Sound. We were greeted by friendly staff  and lucky to get the last booth available. Other people (we assumed they were the regulars) were greeted by name and you quickly got the feel  of a family type atmosphere.  The place was clean and decorated simply. The restrooms were spotless which is important to me,

We were going to order a Philly Cheese steak Sandwich and a Cobb Salad and share.  However the waitress informed us salads were not considered an entree. So that was out if we wanted to use the coupon.  She suggested a hamburger freshly made from Angus beef.   The cheese steak sandwich was made from shaved rib eye with sauteed vegetables. You could choose two sides but the sweet potato fries were extra but worth it!

The food is prepared when you order so everything is freshly made. We both chose the Philly Cheese steak, my sides were pasta salad and the sweet potato fries/ Ed choose home made potato salad and cottage cheese for his sides.

The enjoyment book once again introduced us to a place we enjoyed. (pun intended)  It's the type of place where you want to be a regular and greeted by name.

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